Giurgiu Free Zone Placement

Its position is in the south part of Giurgiu County, limited by the road that connects between Giurgiu County and Giurgiu harbor, Danube River, as well as the two channels that communicates with the river.

Its position in Giurgiu County, the main Danube’s harbor, has a major advantage for the merchandises fluvial transport, the Danube it offering a natural river connection with all the Danube ports until its flow into the Black Sea, navigable canal Danube-Black Sea realizes the water connection between Giurgiu Port and Constanza port the main maritime gate of the country.

As well, the Danube is assuring for the Giurgiu port all the river connections with the eight riverside countries from East and Central Europe, and by the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, its connection with the West Europe’s countries and having as sea port as the North Sea, the Rotterdam harbor.

By that is assuring a direct water connection between the Black Sea and the sea port Constanza and the North Sea, by the Rotterdam harbor, Giurgiu port being the key for all Balkans countries and Middle East traffic. On the other side, Giurgiu city is situated in the south part of Romania, at the cross-road of some important terrestrial communication ways (by railway or by road) which made the uprightness with the road network and the international railway thoroughfares.

Giurgiu Free Zone lies at the crossroad of some important European corridors, as: the Corridor VII, IX and IV.

The road and railway bridge over the Danube allows to the Giurgiu country to be the main country gate on the North-South direction.

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