About Giurgiu Free Zone

Giurgiu Free Zone was settled up by nr. 788/1996 Romanian Government Ordinance in order to promote international trade and bringing foreign capital, as well as for the augmentation of the possibilities to use the national economy resources, both the placement and the existence of some users having industrial activity grants it a special trait.


Beyond the traditional function as gravitational centre for commercial international flows, Giurgiu Free Zone has as main objectives attracting foreign investors for developing industrial activities as well as stimulation of processed products.

Giurgiu Free Zone lies on a surface of de 160 ha .What distinguishes it from the other free zones from Romania is the fact that it has a mainly  industrial  profile, here is functioning beginning with its set up,  production unities.
It is concerned investment capital concentration through this kind of activities, starting from the consideration that there already exist available production spaces that requires minimal improvements, and, on the other side, in Giurgiu County exists qualified work force, in different jobs due to production activities.