Rentings in Giurgiu Free Zone

Giurgiu Free Zone disposes of endowed spaces with the necessary utilities for the activities’ starting, which can be rented in advantageous conditions.

The renting of the buildings and plots within the free zone it is made through public auction with pre-selection, organized by the Giurgiu Free Zone Administration, in concordance with the stipulations of the Government Decision 1669/2004.

The auction ads are giving to publicity through central and local mass-media and appear in the press within 15 days before the date established for the starting of the auction.

The renting auctions are organized every Monday of the week, and the steps that must be fulfilled are the following:

– starting with the next day from the appearing of the auction ad, the Administration puts at the disposal of the solicitants, against cost, the auction documentation (3 volumes);

– with at least 2 working days from the date of the auction, the solicitants are submitting to the Administration headquarter, the request for participation to the auction (according to the annex model) and technical offer, made on the basis of the auction documentation.

The request to participate to the auction will be accompanied by the following documents:

– the constitutive act of the company, the registration certificate at the Commerce Registry (inclusive the Annexes), eventually additional documents for modification and/or adding’s of the constitutive act;

– certificate of fiscal registration (CUI- Unique Registration Code);

– letter of bank reliability ;

– the financial situations from the last year;

– the synthetic balance on the previously month;

– the prove of the debs payment to the state budget and local budgets proved through the fiscal certificate released by the fiscal institutions.

In order to participate at the auction, the solicitant must pay the following taxes:

 – For the participation to the auction 21 Euro (inclusive VAT);

 – For buying the documentation 15 Euro (inclusive VAT);

 – The participation guarantee to the auction (5 % from the value of auction starting).

Within maximum 5 days from the auction adjudication, it is negotiating and it is concluding the contract, the maximum period for renting being of 5 years.